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Our Advantages and Unique Aspects that we are proud of :

* Location, Location, Location - Rivendell Premium is location 60 seconds from Larcomar shopping mal, the most visited location in peru (8 times more visitors than the Matchu Pitchu). 40 seconds from Larco Avenu and all the most attractions are whitin minutes of walking (sea, love park, kennedy). Next to marriot hotel, casino majestic and many more.

* Situated on Main Street, fully lighten and safe at night (Night Patrols every few minutes) - Locates in the safest area in miraflores. no need to walk far from the main road and scary streets (most hostels are located deep inside the neighborhood).

* Quiet area : Located in a very Quiet zone that allows you to have a break from the non stopping traffic and noise. enjoy a sweet and pleasant stay. Some of the hostels are located on Park Kennedy - seems like a better location but 100,000 Taxis & Buses per hour will not allow you to have a peace of mind so choose wisely :)

* Modern Hostel  - we have invested large amounts of money in order to renovate the structure and have a new & modern hostel with new pipes, bathrooms, rooms and facilities. no more old style hostels :)

* Unique Style - our love to art & cinema and specially to the masterpiece LORD OF THE RINGS & THE HOBBIT made us design the place in a modern style but with the a touch of LOTR style in many aspects. specially made art & posters are decorating the hostel where the Gem is set in the reception - a Huge oil painting of the ONE RING.

* Bathroom & Showers - we understand how bathroom and showers are important. we know that this is the most important aspect in a hostel so we placed our priority in achieving the best we can - a 3 starts quality bathrooms (Private rooms).

* Orthopedic Mattresses - we have purchased the best mattresses available in lima.

* Big Screen (50") with HD movies - the only hostel with a Media Center with over than 200 Movies & TV Series.

* Best console Experience with the XBOX 360 with its own Flat LCD screen.

* Entrance to the Best parties in town. we are proud to have connections that allows our customers to enter the best parties for free.

* TOP quality restaurant - the only one that works 24/7.

* We will keep your luggage for free and for UNLIMITED time.

* Fastest Laundry service in Lima

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