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Lima Attractions


Amano museum

Museum features the private collection of Mr. Yoshitaro Amano that contains selected pieces of ceramics and textiles, arranged chronologically to illustrate the development of weaving throughout Peru's pre-Columbian cultures, featuring special items from the Chancay culture. 

Attraction type: History Museums

Address: Retiro Street 160
Miraflores Lima 

Tel: (51-1) 442-2909

Huaca Puclannapucllana

Built by millions of adobe bricks, these ruins once served as an administrative center and a pre-Inca ceremonial site dedicated to the God Pachacamac.

Attraction type: Ancient Ruins, Historic Sites, History Museum

Address: General Borgono Street
Miraflores Lima

National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History

The extensive archaeological collection in this museum includes more than 100,000 items from pre-Hispanic cultures including ceramics, metals, funeral offerings and carved stone figures.

Attraction type: History Museums

Address: Plaza Bolivar s/n Pueblo Libre Lima

Tel: 51 1 463 5070

The Larco Museum

Founded in 1926, the Larco Museum showcases remarkable chronological galleries providing an excellent overview on 3000 years of development of Peruvian pre-Columbian history.

Attraction type: History Museums

Address: Av. Bolívar 1515 Pueblo Libre

Tel: 51 1 461 1312 / 461 1835

Gold Museum

This private collection, assembled by Miguel Mujica Gallo, contains a wide assortment of pre-Columbian gold handicraft, weapons, ceremonial objects, jewelry and gold from both the Incas and pre-Inca civilizations.

Attraction type: History Museums

Address: Av. Alonso de Molina 1100
Monterrico Lima

Tel: 51 1 345 1292

Museo Pedro de Osma 

This museum maintains an extensive private collection of colonial art featuring paintings, sculptures, silverware and furniture from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries.

Attraction type: Art Museums

Address: Av. Pedro de Osma 423 Lima

Tel: 51 1 467-0141

National Museum

Lima's largest museum features scale models of temples, ruins and archaeological sites that tell the story of Peru's long history from prehistoric times and ancient civilizations to the advanced civilizations of Huari, Chimu and Paracas and the Inca Empire.

Attraction type History Museums

Parks, Theatres and shows

Magic Water Circut 

The Magic Water Circuit, recently inaugurated in the Reserve Park, has become one of the newest and most visited attraction in Lima. Honored with a Guinness Record and unique in America, this circuit offers thirteen impressive fountains that combine movement, lights, sounds and images. An amazing show to enjoy with all the family.

Attraction type: Parks, Government Buildings

Address: Parque Reserva Lima

Parque Reserva  

Parque de la Reserva in is a park located in downtown Lima, in Peru. Built in an irregular shape, it is located between two of the city's principal streets, the Paseo de la Republica expressway and Arequipa Avenue.

One of the best attracions is the Magic water circuit. Great place to kill a couple hours before your night flight back to the states. Cheap, and shows Wednesday to Saturday or Sunday. first show is at 7:15 PM.

Address: Next to Estadio Nacional Lima 

Teatro Mocha Graña

This theatre is located in a small building in the bohemian Barranco district, a place to admire the beauty of the area's old homes. It is named after a woman who was well known amid Lima's cultural circle for being one of the founders of the Asociacion de Artistas Aficionados. The theatre primarily hosts plays written and directed by fresh young talent who are beginning to make a name in Lima.

Address: Avenida Sáenz Peña 107, Lima 4

Contact: +51 1 247 6292



The first civilization of Peru and the Americas was formed between 3000 and 2500 B.C. in the
Supe valley, at Caral, from a group of communities located in urban settlements. 
Just 100 miles North of Lima  you can go and visit in one day. Take a turn to the right on thesign pointing to Caral around kilometer 160 and go for 25 kilometers on a dirt road. You will find signs indicating the way to the site. Guides are available for the 2 hour tour. Its a compund with 8 pyramids over a 150 acres.

Attraction type Ancient Ruins; Historic Sites



Located only 31 kilometers from Lima, these ancient ruins are all that remain of an important religious center that was constructed more than 1,000 years before the Inca Empire.

Attraction type: Ancient Ruins

Larcomar Shopping Center

larcomar12Hanging off a cliff above the Pacific Ocean, Larcomar in Miraflores combines entertainment with shopping. The calming sea breeze guides visitors through ice-cream parlours, restaurants, arcade games and more than 80 stores, with everything from souvenirs to individually styled clothes. The highest class clubs in lima located in Larcomar, and you can find also other clubs and bars in the place.

Address: 610 Avenida Malecón de la Reserva, Miraflores 18 18






Outdoor Activities

Cycling in lima guid

There are some crossing along the city.

  • Arequipa Ave. (Lima, Lince, San Isidro, Miraflores)
  • Salaverry Ave. (Jesús María, Lince, San Isidro)
  • the long malecón on top of the cliffs from Barranco through Miraflores until San Isidro
  • San Borja Norte Ave. (San Borja)
  • Campo de Marte (Jesús María)
  • Mariategui Ave. (Jesús María)
  • Huaylas Ave. (Chorrillos)
  • Ferrero Ave. (La Molina)
  • Colonial Ave. (Lima, Callao)
  • Universitaria Ave. (San Miguel, Pueblo Libre, Lima, San Martín de Porres, Los Olivos)


  • Always wear helmet.
  • Always beware of car drivers.
  • Wear bright colour clothing.
  • Parking your bike is not reliable at any open parking lot of the supermarkets or shopping centres (Wong, Metro, Plaza Vea, etc.) unless it is securely parked and supervised by the guards.
  • Never leave your bike alone locked in the street, thieves use heavy duty chain cutters to break any type of lock.
  • Always ask someone to look after your bike, offer some tip if necessary.
  • Enclosed public and private parking lots allow bikes parking the fee is the same as cars.  Always ask for an eye on your bike.
  • Heavy traffic streets are not safe, ride by low traffic and tranquil ways instead.
  • Is legal and safe to ride by sidewalks but sometimes pedestrians don’t like to share their way with bikes.
  • Highways like Panamericana have a side emergency track, wide enough and safe for cycling, but sometimes narrows.  Beware of big trucks and buses when they overcome you the wind displaced might blow you out.  The Central highway has not the side emergency track.

Shopping: bikes, parts, service

Options to buy a bicycle, buy parts or get repair service in Lima are varied ranging from fancy stores in exclusive shopping centers to modest boots in the downtown bike market.  Both extremes are good, it depends on your budget and your taste.

  • Saga falabella
  • Ripley
  • Play bike store just front of Jockey Plaza
  • Best International, Miraflores, Santa Cruz Ave. 5th block
  • Cycling on Tomas Marsano Ave. 1 block from Plaza Vea Higuereta
  • Emancipación Ave. 8th block, bike market, 2 blocks from Plaza Unión, best for custom tailored bikes, reasonable prices.  Prices vary according with quality from top to basic.
  • Rally bike center. La Molina. La Fontana Ave. 11th block
  • Mountain bike mavil. Surco. Aviación Ave. 40th block

Peru bike

Mountain bike tour operator in all the country. Single day rides in Lima city and surroundings. Customized responsible trips includes communities and local services providers plus the use of shepherds paths and dirt roads. A fully off road and original trip experience.

Attraction type Biking Trails

Distance 5.9 miles from city centre

Paragliding in lima

paraglading costa verdeThe paragliders over the Costa Verde in Lima are always an exciting sight to see.  The 70m cliffs over the beach in the Miraflores district provide an excellent lift. The area is known for providing dynamic flight with little turbulence. For those who have never paraglided but want to experience the thrill of flight, there are several companies that provide tandem rides over the Costa Verde. In tandem flight, the rider is taken up in a large, stable paraglider made for two people. The three companies are Fly Peru, Aeroxtreme and Fly Advanture.

Aeroxtreme Paragliding Peru 

Aeroxtreme is dedicated to paragliding instruction, tandem flights, sale and rent of paragliders and accessories. The company is owned and operated by Michael Fernández, Peruvian/North American pilot. He has been flying paraglider since 1991. He was first licensed in USA and is now licensed by the Peruvian Association of Free Flight (APVL) as a Tandem Pilot, Advance Pilot and Paragliding Instructor Ratings.

Attraction type: Sports Camps/ Clinics

Address: Tripoli 345 Apt 503 Miraflores Lima L18

Tel: 5112425125

Surfing in Lima

Peru is becoming more and more popular among surfers eager to test the waves on the long Pacific coastline. With 250 kilometers of surf in Lima, there is a wide range of surfing options.  

In Lima, there are several beaches popular among surfers. You can usually find boards in the water in Miraflores at Waikiki beach – so named by Carlos Dogny, a Peruvian sugarcane heir who returned to Lima from Hawaii in 1942 with a surfboard in hand. Waikiki and Makaha beaches in Miraflores are considered good places for beginners and there are several surf schools in the area.

Punka Surfing School comes highly recommended in our forum, as does Olas Peru. For a decent instructor, expect to pay around S/.40-50 per hour. A little further down, in the district of Chorrillos, lies the beach of La Herradura. More appropriate for experienced surfers, La Herradura is known for its strong left break. If you’re patient and wait for a big swell, the waves at La Herradura are worth it.

Serious surfers will want to head down south to the district of Punta Hermosa. Located near KM43 on the Panamerican Highway, Punta Hermosa has some of the best surfing in Peru. Famous as the birthplace of world champion surfer Sofia Mulanovich, Punta Hermosa is where you’ll find Pico Alto, a beach for experts where waves average 4 meters in height. Nearby Cabelleros is a good beach for the average surfer, with tubular waves that average 1-2meters. If you’re willing to travel outside of Lima, in the north you can find some of the world’s best surfing. For more information on beaches to the north, check with Wannasurf’s guide to North Peru. The beaches around Mancora have been a favorite among our forum members, but note that it can get crowded during the high season.

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