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Miraflores is one of the 43 districts of Lima, located five kilometers to the south of the Historical Center. It’s without question the tourist and hotel destination in Lima. It has wide and modern commercial zones, parks and green beauty spaces. Miraflores, the gardens and the most visited beaches district, is modern, lively, colorful, and pleasant for walking its streets, parks, commercial centers and green areas. Miraflores is a place full of tourist and cultural activities, theatres, cinemas and art galleries. When you will be in Miraflores, visit its coffee shops and restaurants that offer an incredible varied culinary or taste the typical dishes of famous Peruvian cooking, get some fresh air inside its gardens that on Sunday are gathered by tourists and visitors in order to participate in paintings exhibitions, musical events or for visiting the “Mercado de pulgas” (market).



At north, it borders with San Isidro District, at east with Surquillo and Santiago de Surco districts, at south with Barranco district and with Pacific Ocean at west. Among the tourist attractions, we can make mention: the archaeological complex of Huaca Pucllana (also known as “Juliana”); Reducto Park that remember the Miraflores Battle; the Parish church, rebui lt after Pacific War; Alfredo Salazar Park; Larcomar Commercial Center; “Parque del Amor” (park), Waikiki and Miraflores beaches.

Touristy interest places 

Huaca Pucllana 

Gral. Borgoño - Block. 8 s/n, Miraflores (between blocks 5 and 6 of Angamos Oeste Avenue). It is one of the most important ceremonial centers of Inca culture, Huaca occupies six hectares. It is estimated it was built in VI century after Christ and now is one of the best conserved ones of Lima. It was revalued since 1983. The cultural archaeological complex consists of the archaeological zone, a museum, workshops and researches zone, a flora and native fauna park, a tourist restaurant and crafts gallery. As archaeological center, Huaca Pulcana is similar to other places in Lima region. For example: (San Miguel), Cajamarquilla (Ate-Vitarte) and Pachacámac (Turín).

Gral. Borgoña Avenue, block. 8 s/n
Telefax: (511)445-8695

Ricardo Palma House 

The distinguished writer lived in this house, where furniture and personal belongings of the famous author of Peruvian Traditions are exhibited.

 Larco Avenue 770 Miraflores, Phone: (511)446-3959 / 446-6164 Annexes 213 / 214                          

 Kennedy Park

 It is located in Miraflores hearth; this park is very crowded because of the commerce in the surrounding area. In the afternoon and at weekend, there are a lot of craftsmen and painters that exhibit their works and also musical groups. The groups dance double steps or contemporary songs. The park has a playground too. In front of it, Miraflores church is located and the district’s municipality, close the pizza street where there are many Italian food restaurants.                                                                                                  

 Larcomar Comercial Center

The commercial center is located on a cliff, on Pacific Ocean foot. From there, you will have an excellent view of coastal zone; it has different levels where there are all kind of stores, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and a modern multi-cinema.

Central Park
It is also known as “Parque 7 de Junio” in honor to the military heroic deeds of Arica. It is a monumental architectonic work, and unique gardening in its genre in Peru. The Central Park is also an art and culture temple.

Petit Thouars Avenue
This road has Abel Nicolás Bergasse du Petit´s name, french and friend of Peru. It is five blocks long, where are located numerous crafts fairs, it is possible to buy the best products from different Peru regions.

Óvalo Gutierrez
It is located in the limit of Miraflores and San Isidro district. In the hearth of the roundabout, there is an effigy of the Archangel Miguel, saint of Miraflores district. Its strategic position has insured the fast commercial and tourist conquest of the zone with commercial chains, cinemas and so on.

María Reiche Park

It is a place dedicated to Maria Reiche, a German Scientific-Mathematics who lived in Peru all of her life and devoted herself completely to study and conservation of Nasca Lines, enormous geoglyphs, pre-inca draws, that amaze to the humanity whose designs adorn this park.

Miguel Grau Park
We will visit the sunny valley of Lunahuaná, located 160 Km away; to the southeast of Lima. It characterizes by being fruits and liquor producer. We also visit the “Plaza de Armas”, Santiago Apostle Church, the wine industry and the suspension bridge of Catapalla.

Itzhak Rabin Park  itzhak rabin

It is located by the block 12 of Cisneros Pier, inaugurated in 1998 in homage to the disappeared Israeli leader and Nobel Peace prize in 1994. The great project let neighborhoods or tourists form part of it, with marine atmosphere of Miraflores.             

 Parque del Amor (Love park)

It is located on the cliffs´ top in front of the Pacific Ocean, was inaugurated on February 14 in 1993 (Love’s Day), the monumental sculpture represents “ El Beso” is built in this beautiful place, work of Victor Delfín, Peruvian fine artist. It is the park where couples holding hands or embraced pay homage to love with a kiss or putting their bouquet on the fountain after their weeding; a beautiful place to sea level, where the romantic Peruvian poets read verses.  

Salazar Park

This park was built in honor to Alfredo Salazar Southwell, pilot who noticed the faults of his plane, and making maneuvers pilot out of urban Miraflores perimeter, averting numerous victims, a 14th of September in 1937. The monument that honors its memory was inaugurated on September 14, 1953.

Reducto Park
Reducto Park was built in honor to Battle of January 15, 1981. It is located in pier of reserve and Paseo La República Avenue (Miraflores). Every Sunday, there is raising of the national flag ceremony in charge of celebrities and invited institutions of the district and the capital.

Reducto Nº II Park
Reducto Park 2 was defended by Andrés Cáceres Dorregaray, colonel who defends to finish his ammunitions. It is one of the Pacific War sceneries and has been declared National Monument. It has ten thousand rosebushes, the biggest rose’s park of Peru. It is also Avelino Cáceres Museum see. The bravely Peruvian soldiers defended in the fortress, but when the boss realized that it was impossible to continue battling without ammunitions, without hopes, he ordered for surrendering and then the Chilean troops take the territory possession. It is one of the Pacific War sceneries and has been declared National Monument and change into a Country altar.

Parque Tradiciones (Park)
It was recently remodeled, is located on Ricardo Palma avenue, block 8, is surrounded by 8 hillocks and three fountains, is one of the oldest in the district, has 5 decades and has 9 thousand of green areas with eight thousand of flowers, 21 jacaranda trees and ten robelini palm trees. It got its name dues to Don Ricardo Palma, distinguished traditionalist who was neighborhood in the district. It has a bronze sculpture of Ricardo Palma sitting on a bench, in its natural size.

El Palacio Municipal
The palace was built on December 31, 1941, during Manuel Prado Ugarteche presidency; Luis Miroqeusada Garland was who put the design stone. It was built as union symbol between Peruvians and also the Municipal building of Miraflores, on the top there are 24 coats of arms that represent our country departments. It is a four storey building, inside the offices and public attention functions, has an auditorium, an assembly where there are cultural activities. In the second floor, there are murals exhibitions of famous painters like: Teodoro Núñez Ureta and Juan Manuel Ugarte Elespuru

Parish Church

It was built on the basis of an old church named San Miguel de Miraflores. It is a work of Ricardo de Jaxa Malachowski. Inside, it is possible to appreciate vitraux that represent Jesus life landscapes. There are also statues of Peruvian saints Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martin de Porres.

The beachesparaglading costa verde
Some decades ago, appreciating Miraflores cliffs meant enjoying a wonderful landscape
covered by pines. Now, it is the image that Miraflores Municipality wants to recover and, that’s the reason for sowing 600 pines along Costa Verde, on the corresponding strip. Security, cleaning, hygiene and the exclusive area for surfer and services, is what Miraflores offers to vacationers at the beach. Eight beaches belong to Miraflores: Las Piedritas, La Estrella, Redondo, Makaha, Waikki, La Pampilla, Punta Roquitas and Los Delfines.

Alfredo Salaz Park

It got its name in honor to the hero of Peruvian Aviation, Alfredo Salazar who sacrificed on September 14, 1937 in order to avert that his plane fell onto centric zone of the district.

Raimondi Park

It is the new “green lung” of Miraflores, offers to visitors an unequalled sea views, this work has allowed the zone properties revaluation. The re-inaugurated park Antonio Raymoni, turn into a beauty pier, whose total area is 44 thousand four hundred square meters; 36 thousand square meters of them are green areas and 8 thousand are lanes. The new Raimondi Park has: a labyrinth formed by thousand of plants, a modern fountain “Dry” illuminated, 6 viewpoints to beaches circuit, playground, 3 mini gym and five bike paths. This modern work design consist on a variety of flowers and plants, close to 150 trees (65 molles, 64 palm trees and 20 pines) on 8 green hillocks with diversity of plants.

Skate Park
Skate Park is located in Marina pier, by block 4. The special feature of this park is its location in an exclusive zone for skating, in line and extreme cycling (BMX), has 2 slabs, a pool 200 meters long and 2 meters deep, and reinforced cement composed by entering and exit slanting ramps that let sportsmen drive to “Casa de juegos” , then towards a mini-ramp extended to 1,100 square meters. The bike cross route consists on 1,500 square meters and is divided for children and adults enjoying. Both zones have grandstands in order that fonds observe the pirouettes.




atlantic city

Here are the four best casinos in miraflores, you can also find there tourniment of Texas Holdem exclude the La Hacienda casino:      

Atlantic City- Av.bienavidas miraflores, http://www.acity.com.pe/

La Fiesta- Avenida Benavides, 501, http://www.fiesta-casino.pe/index.html 

Magestyc- Hotel Marriott, Malecon De La Reserva 615, Miraflores


 La Hacienda- Av. 28 de Julio, 511 – Miraflores, http://www.hoteleslahacienda.com/ 



Nightlife- Best Clubs

Miraflores is one of the best places in lima to dine, dance, drink and having fun. You will find all in this beautiful and safe district in lima; best resturants, parks, clubs, bars, cinemas, parties and people who want to have fun as well!



Gotica is located in the newly built shopping center Larcomar. Larco Mar is in Miraflores with ocean view and built into the cliff.

Gotica is probably the most exclusive nightclub in Lima and they charge you 100 soles for the entrance if you are not on the list. Gotica are in style pretty similar with Aura. It is said that you find the most beautiful girls from Lima here.
Located in the famous Larcomar Shopping Center in Miraflores, Gótica is one of the best nightclubs in Lima similar to Aura, but the crowd here mayn’t be as sober as at Aura. It’s one of the most exclusive and most expensive nightclubs in Lima, attracting a highly fashionable young crowd, seeking some real hot music and dance. The dance club perhaps has the best DJ’s in Lima, and entertaining the crowd until the early morning. Guests can dance their heart out, as DJs spin the latest local and pop hits. It’s an excellent fun to have some good fun with friends over a drink or appetizers.

Music : Pachanga

Entrance : 100 Sol after Midnight, 50 Sol Before.

You can ask for a discount as a turist and may get 50% discount.

Rivendell Hostel Provides VIP passes (free) for its guests.



At Aura you will find good music to dance all night- but beware it is Pachanga. Aura offers you good service and the atmosphere is really nice. It has a terrace where you can talk comfortably. Located just beside Gotica in the shopping mall Larcomar in Miraflores.

Cost of drinks at the Aura Nightclub in Miraflores is around 10 soles for a grande beer and minimum 12 soles for a drink.

Music : Pachanga

Entrance : 100 Sol after Midnight, 50 Sol Before.

You can ask for a discount as a turist and may get 50% discount.

Rivendell Hostel Provides VIP passes (free) for its guests.



Super trendy club with a great-looking and even better-dancing clientele from the upper income bracket. Well-healed Limenos in dapper threads hanging out, drinking smooth concoctions in this house club in a quieter area of Miraflores. The rooms were attractively furnished and the ventilation system was almost adequate to deal with the smoke, the only down point of the club.

Music: Latin mix - reggaeton, cumbia, salsa, merengue, some Latin hip-hop. Fantastic dancing with a fantastic crowd. A place I'd come back to regularly!

Entrance: Free, but the place expect proper clothing

Drinks: Prices are fair+

Address: San Martin 400 (corner of Colon), Lima


Mama Batata

Nice dance bar, almost every night they provide a show of local cover bands.

Offer funny drinks, national and international appetizers, soft drinks and beers. All this surrounded by a party atmosphere in front of the sea. You will eat, drink and even sing! 

Music: Varied

Entrance: Free

Drinks: Fair prices

Address: Larcomar, Malecón de la Reserva 610 2º piso, Miraflores 



Birthday girls drink for free. Excellent bar located in Larcomar. Best Maracuya sour in town. Most action is late at night from Thu to Sat.

For the guys among you, you will be able to find there beautiful girls (will cost you some money).

Music: reggaeton, cumbia, salsa, merengue, some Latin hip-hop

Entrance: 15 Sol include

Drinks: Fair prices

Address: Larcomar, Malecón de la Reserva 610 1º piso, Miraflores

Calle las Pizzas (pizza’s street)

For a bit of fun in Miraflores, try the small street between Parque Kennedy and Bellavista, locally known as the Calle de las Pizzas. This street is full of resturant, clubs and dance bars. This is one of the busiest places in miraflores during evenings and nights. You will find there few places to dance and drink and even irish bar (very nice place) in the end of the street. This street familiar with large quantity of Italian resturants. It is a big tourist trap, but on the other hand you are guaranteed to meet other travelers in high spirit.


Taquila Rock


Located in the Miraflores district, Tequila Rock is a night club popular both with the tourists and with the local crowd. It is everything you would expect of a discotheque and more – it has a reputation as a place where things can get slightly out of hand. You can expect new disco hits along the way of pop and reggaeton, and the popular salsa nights. Tequila is opened every day of the year, seven nights a week.

Music: Varied

Entrance: 30 Sol with first drink

Drinks: High prices

Address: Jr. Diez Canseco 146, Miraflores 


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